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Webroot Antivirus is a full-scale antivirus program that is available at an affordable price. It allows you to secure up to 3 PCs or Mac. This Webroot product will help you in protecting all your devices from viruses and identity theft, without slowing down your device. Webroot Antivirus provides a shield for protecting your browsing, shopping, social media, payment information and a lot more. It offers a versatile range of features, like:

  • Secure Browsing With Real-Time Anti-Phishing

Webroot offers its users with real-time protection from phishing attacks. They use advanced machines and content classification to automate phishing site detection. Further, they crawl and evaluate URLs using various site attributes and external factors. This prevents you to visit malicious websites. 

  • Fast Scans 

Webroot takes 20 seconds for scanning your computer from malicious malware and other online threats. Their service is 60 times faster than the average scan time than competitor products. Here, you will get superior protection in the least time. Also, while scan your system remains free to use your device. 

  • Webcam Protection

This feature is perfect for keeping you, your device and your data safe. Whether your webcam is in-built hardware or an accessory, keeping webcam away from hackers is a must. Webcams are vulnerable to cybercrimes, giving hackers complete access to your device. Webroot software provides complete protection against webcam hacking threats like Trojan malware. 

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Webroot understands the trust users have on cybersecurity providers for keeping their sensitive data safe and secure from criminals. In return for that trust, Webroot offers its users with 70-days money-back guarantee. 

  • Identity Theft Protection

There are many online threats available who are capable of monitoring the internet habits and recording the data. Hence, to provide complete protection, Webroot secures your usernames, account numbers, passwords, and all other personal information. It won’t let keyloggers, spyware, malware, and other online threats to target your valuable information.

Webroot home products

Internet Security Plus

Now you can protect your activities like shopping, banking, and browsing from existing or emerging online threats. You can purchase Webroot Internet Security Plus and can protect up to 5 PCs, Mac, Tablets, or smartphones. It provides ultimate security by checking the internet 3 times a day and identify where and what is safe online. You will get the following features along with all the features as of Webroot Antivirus.

  • Mobile Security

Webroot Internet Security Plus offers protection to your mobile devices also. You can now protect your identity even when you are on mobile with the help of Safe Web Browsing. It blocks malicious websites and phishing attacks before loading. You can secure both Android and iOS devices.  

  • Password Management

This secures your passwords with the help of the most trusted LastPass. It encrypts all the usernames, passwords, payment information for keeping you safe. You will also get the features like password vault and auto-filling and saving of personal details. 

Internet Security Complete

Webroot introduced multi-device protection along with additional storage. Internet Storage Complete is a complete suite of best cybersecurity products that provide complete protection from various online threats. This is an ultimate product that can secure up to 5 PCs, MAC, Tablets, and Smartphones. With no-time consuming update and no slow-scanning processes, this is a perfect product. On purchasing this product, you will get all the features as of Internet Security Plus. Along with that, you will also get additional features such as:

  • System Optimizer

This is a privacy protection and system management tool that works best in eliminating traces of online activities. It erases browsing history, cache files, and cookies in order to protect your privacy. Along with this, it also helps in recovering hard drive space and helps in improving performance by deleting unnecessary files.  

  • Automatic Backup With Secure Online Storage

Internet Security Complete provides this feature for protecting your digital photos, music and other files by creating cloud-based backup storage. This works as a standing guard over your data and offers 25 GB of online storage. It automatically backs up your file and provides complete protection.