The Great Debate: Racism in Sport - is it here to stay?

The Great Debate will feature a special programme focusing on racism in sport; Here at Sky, we are really keen to hear from viewers who have had real life experiences – has a racist incident put you off attending or participating in a game?

Is racism in sport here to stay?

What can sporting clubs do to stop fan and online abuse? What impact does it have and can tech companies help stamp it out? Is racism in sport a reflection of society as a whole?

Sky is looking for people to take part in a new series of weekly discussion programme, The Great Debate.

We will be joined by some of the biggest names to tackle the issues dominating the week's news agenda - and we want your questions and comments.

The Great Debate will feature topics that put viewers at the heart of the debate on issues they care about, whether that be the environment, the economy, immigration, or something else.

Every Monday evening, Sky presenter Trevor Phillips will address a different single topic with a panel of news-makers, opinion-formers and experts to get a deeper understanding of the most important subject of the week.

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PFA chief executive Maheta Molango spoke on a variety of issues in football including racism on social media, concussion, vaccinations and fixture congestion

At a time when sound bites rule and the frenzy of social media drives the news cycle forward at dizzying speed, it's more important than ever to examine the issues that are shaping our world in depth and in detail.

But it's your questions that matter. The Great Debate will put the audience at the heart of the show - and in this second series, the question of racism in sport is on the agenda.

This edition will be recorded this Thursday 24 March and be aired on Monday 28 March.

Is racism in sport here to stay?

So we are asking you to be a part of the virtual audience. Maybe you have a question for the panel or an experience you would like to share.

We want to hear what you think are the most pressing issues in the news agenda, your questions, your experiences, and your solutions.

To register your interest and share your story, please email and remember to include your full name, contact number and location.

The Great Debate is being broadcast simultaneously on Sky News and Sky Showcase every Monday at 9pm.

Hate won't win

No room for racism

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